Fuck That.

Usually, the Toronto Maple Leafs own the Lightning.

Not tonight… until a bullshit icing call against the Bolts that never crossed Toronto’s goal red line. That bullshit call brought the face-off back into the Tampa zone, allowing Toronto to put six attackers on the ice… resulting in the tying goal for Toronto, which is why the game is in overtime as I type. Bolts get a “W” and two points if not for that one bullshit call.

Fuck. They can’t even pluralize properly. Update eminent.

Update: It ends in a tie, the Bolts get one point. Fuck you, Toronto. Fuck you, officials. By the way, the plural of “leaf” is “leaves”. You motherfuckers. (breathe in… breathe out…)

The Bolts got fucked, and that’s not fair.


2 thoughts on “Fuck That.

  1. Heh. Now you know what it feels like. Caps got screwed by the refs several times IN THE PLAYOFFS against your Bolts. Sucks, don’t it!?

    So I’ll just say what the Bolts fans told us: good teams win games despite bad calls. If the Bolts couldn’t pull it out in OT, it’s their fault not the refs! ;-)

    Catherine :-)

  2. Amie and I were there, and after the bad call the crowd went APESHIT. Then after the score, APESHITTIER. (If the Habs were in town, you could pronounce that ape-shit-e-ay) At least there was nothing thrown on the ice, just a general feeling of resignation, knowing that the team got corn-holed.

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