All-Star Bullshit

Of course, I realize that NHL hockey fans want some recognition for the money they pour into the sport. So, we get to vote for players on the NHL All-Star ballot once a year. Yay us.


Five days of no hockey, save for one meaningless fucking game, at the 3/4 point of the season. Okay, maybe at the 2/3 point of the season if taking all 7-game series in the playoffs into consideration. (Next thing we know, the Stanley Cup is awarded in September, season starts in October.) Ignore the inevitability of the upcoming lockout.

Why ruin a winning streak, a losing streak, a scoring streak, a points streak, or a shutout streak to pander to the fans by way of an All-Star Game break? Nobody really fucking cares at this time in the season. Take direction from the NFL and hold the All-Star game after the league championship is decided.

That way, us fans get to vote for a player based on his season as a whole, and get the heroin-esque fix of “just one more game” after all is said and done.

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