That Legal Bother

Oh, fuck. The stakes have been raised. [First CNN Link]

I was going to write about how The Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts ruled that only marriage (contrasted against “civil unions”) would be Constitutional for gay/lesbian couples. I was going to write, “yay for them, doesn’t the rest of the world realize that not all Americans are fucking idiots?!”

Then, (w) had to make a statement. He said:

… if judges insist on forcing their arbitrary will upon the people, the only alternative left to the people would be the constitutional process.

Um… dude? “Arbitrary Will Upon the People” is your middle-fucking-name. “The People” being Americans and, hrm… who else?… Iraqis, and, hrm… who else?… Afghanis, and, hrm… who else?

Pretty much anyone that doesn’t suck Saudi cock, Mr. President.

By the way, (w), that you can even pronounce “constitutional process” well enough to be quoted in a CNN story is a surprise to me. CAPPS, CAPPS II, Patriot Act, dick. (w) is a fucking puppet first, but beyond that, he’s a fucking hypocrite… a shadow puppet more than anything.

Constitutional process.

Oh, yeah, then there was that whole thing where a federal judge in Virginia overturned a previously (w)-backed federal ban on “partial birth abortions”… because it was Un-Fucking-Constitutional. [Last CNN Link] It wasn’t just one judge in Virginia, as the Supreme Court of the United States agreed four years ago.

For those of you playing along at home… that was before (w)… and those are the people concerned about only one thing: The Constitution.

Constitutional process, motherfucker.

To summarize: Yay Mass, yay VA. Your “legal bother” restores my faith in America. See? We’re not all fucking idiots.


One thought on “That Legal Bother

  1. Don’t get too excited…the heavily Roman Catholic state of Mass. is now preparing for a Constitutional Convention in 2005? 2006? to amend the State Constitution specifically to define marriage “one homophobic man, and one homophobic woman”.

    Well, maybe they won’t actually use the word homophobic in the amendment, but you get the gist.

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