No, not the magazine (online or otherwise). Neither Goofus nor Gallant will ever garner mention here… except for… um… that mention.

Basically, I had a whole lot of shit to ‘blog about this evening. But, as always, life just gets in the way.

  1. Checked out a townhouse and put a contract down
  2. Tried to re-secure pre-approval from the bank I actually want to deal with
  3. Tried to do some mechanical drawings for work (got 1 of 3 done)
  4. Talked to Mom on the phone
  5. Talked to [my girlfriend] on the phone
  6. Missed two callbacks from [her] because my Sprint cell seems to turn off by itself whenever it’s convenient for something other than me
  7. Spent too much time typing out this ordered list

So, the whole dual-G5-gutting incident that I ranted about was a hoax. My bad. Wasn’t the first time.

Also, regardless of it being a hoax… that I called the guy a “Mac-raping idiot” was wrong. Rape is a serious thing, and I shouldn’t have made light of it by using the concept as a tool, literary or not.

Moving on. Micro$oft breaks tradition and offers something for free. That something is “educational” posters about the horrors of being online, having email… or… y’know… using Window$.

Educate your students, faculty, and staff on the simple steps they can take to protect their PCs.

Methinks the most valuable piece of information BillG left out was: “These free posters are necessary because of our–albeit ubiquitous–shitty fucking product.”

Thanks for playing.

Next, we have SensitiveLight.com. Now, I’m not going to even try to purport that I know anything about photography. But, this guy is a fucking phenomenal photographer. Take from that what you will.

The legal stuff deserves its own post.