Real Quick…

… before bedtime…

Pavel Kubina scored in the Bolts’ win against the Flyers tonight. A quote:

“Our special teams are working. So is our power play and penalty killing.”

Um… Pavel? Other than the power play and penalty killing squads… what other “special teams” could you be referring to?

Bolts win six in a row (get points in the last 12 of 14, by the way). Two overtime losses. At least Philly kept them below five goals (first team in the last five games).



4 thoughts on “Real Quick…

  1. Better make that 7 in a row; remember, they’re playing the hapless Caps tonight! ;-)

    Good to know Kubina is an idiot as well as a little bitch. Dude can score though.

    Catherine :-)

  2. E-mail to Hell: get the space heaters out, ‘cuz I’m gonna actually DEFEND Kubina.

    Over-time periods when it is 4 on 4 are also considered special teams. And being from the Czech Repubublic, let us not forget that English is most likely not his first language. It might not even be his THIRD language, for all I know.

    That being said, after many, many years of despising his sorry ass (Why, for the love of all that is sacred, was he allowed to play the point on the power play for all these years?!?) he is beginning to earn my begrudging respect.

    But old hatreds die hard…

  3. Granted overtime periods, good call. In the scope of that game, inapplicable. Sheesh… my brother… the penultimate nit-picker. ;)

  4. Amie says…
    “That jersey that I threatened Chico with is on order…”

    Me says…
    “He may be a little bitch, but he is OUR little bitch!”

    And he has a goal tonight (so far) against Nashville. GO BOLTS!

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