Bolts Game Tonight

Last night, while listening to the Flyers/Lightning game on the ‘net, I decided to check to see if the Caps were playing tonight… y’know… so I could catch them on TV. Wouldn’t you know… the Lightning are playing in DC tonight.

How could I have missed that little nugget? It’s almost unpossible!

So I called my boy, Joe D., to see if he was down for the game tonight. He was in, and I started webbing for tickets. A notice posted on the site informed me that the Feb. 3 game would be played as scheduled, despite possibly hazardous weather conditions.

“Oh, yeah,” I thought. We were supposed to get some pretty shitty ice/sleet/snow/freezing rain around here all day. So I called Joe D. back, and we both decided to wait until this afternoon to make a decision about the game.

This afternoon, the decision was made for us.

George C. called me at work to offer free tickets in his company’s suite for the game. He usually gives me about an hour’s notice when he gets the tickets, but today he provided a whopping 5 hours lead time. A couple of quick calls, and it’s on.

The split second before ol’ George called, I was in the shittiest mood in weeks. But not so much anymore.

Aftermath: Why do they always do this to me?