SCO Conspiracy Follow-Up

So, on a whim, I wrote how this whole MyDoom/Novarg email virus DDoS attach thing could conceivably have been hatched by SCO themselves. Remember that?

Yeah, well, call me crazy… but isn’t SCO, their agenda, and their “we have come under attack by the Linux community” rhetoric being effectively promulgated by the enormous media coverage of said email virus? Sure, the “we have come under attack by the Linux community” is in response to their IBM lawsuit and FUD campaign, but who (other than the GPL-lovin’ hippies) is going to draw that distinction when reading an article about the virus?

The phrases “under attack by the Linux community” and “website under attack from the Internet” are going to become synonymous in the public’s mind after this… and that’s just what we (the GPL-lovin’ hippies) don’t need.

Just do a Google search on “sco mydoom“, and you’ll see what I mean.


One thought on “SCO Conspiracy Follow-Up

  1. Never Fear, Gary. This virus is hardly going to blip on the public’s consciousness. Out of the few who pay attention, most of them won’t grasp any more than “it’s some sort of geek gang warfare thing.” After all, Janet’s boob was on broadcast TV, and bread and circus wins every time. I think the GPL hippies are safe from the mob, for now. :-)

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