Everybody’s Investigatin’

If the CNN website is any indication, everybody is investigating something today. As for me, I’m investigating why America is such a fucked up place to live…

Bush to pick panel for WMD inquiry

Isn’t that like asking David Berkowitz to investigate a rash of murders in the NYC area committed with the same .44 handgun? I mean, the results would be the same, “Wasn’t me!”, wouldn’t they?

FCC to investigate Super Bowl breast-baring

Yeah, yeah. Janet Jackson’s boob popped out. How is that any different than the Li’l Kim boob episode? Shit, she’s taking the media spotlight off her freak brother for a little while. Which reminds me… which is more harmful to “our children” or “America’s morality”? Janet’s boobie, or having to explain child molestation in terms that a child must understand?