Upcoming NHL Lockout

The Lightning management says they’ll lose less money if next season doesn’t happen than they would if the lockout… er, “work stoppage” is avoided.

That’s not necessarily making money… but losing less by not playing hockey? This point only serves to demonstrate how far apart both sides (management versus players’ association) really are on the situation.

Shit, I might have to watch the whole football season, then basketball.

Basketball on TV?! God? Why have you forsaken me? Sure, I don’t believe you exist, but c’mon, man… don’t be a dick.


3 thoughts on “Upcoming NHL Lockout

  1. The game has become soooooo boring. Shoot the puck to one end and a mob gathers, then shoot to the other end, and behold, another mob! Don’t even think of skating through the neutral zone without getting clotheslined or whacked into the boards. Do away with the two line pass and utilize the whole sheet of ice! Make penalties uniform and easy to enforce. Require parity in team salaries, as I am sick of seeing the same 4 or 5 teams win every year! I won’t renew my season tickets unless something changes. Right now, it’s a battle to see who can simply outlast the other team. Boring!! Boring equals lack of revenue, etc. and the financial issues drive the lockout situation. Re-invent excitement and all involved will be rewarded. Time for some changes!

  2. ummmm I really don’t care…and I hate hockey anyways!! Basketball is where it’s at ya’ll !!Holla luv Noshay

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