SCO Conspiracy Theory

So that crazy new Windows mass-mailing worm is designed to slam the SCO webserver in February.

Now, I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I wouldn’t be surprised if SCO outsourced some pimply-faced youth to bastardize the previous Mimail code to implement a DDoS attack on themselves. They’d have to outsource it… nobody writes code at SCO these days anyway.

That way, they could say, “See? Our webservers are down again, due to some malicious DDoS attack by the Linux community! The GPL is illegal, and the Linux people are mean and evil! Just like Saddam and his brother Osama (DNA evidence proves it)!” to boost their arguments on Capitol Hill to people who know less about computers or DNA testing than they do. Ask a senator what a DDoS attack is, or better yet, what a polymerase chain reaction is… sheesh.

Shit, the White House cries “wolf!” then “victim!”, so why shouldn’t SCO? Darl McBride and Karl Rove… separated at birth? DNA evidence proves it!