Gimme Gimmes Video

On the third day of wintery hell, I’ve come to realize that removing the eighth-inch-thick carapace of ice off your car is made slightly less painful if you have Me First and the Gimme Gimmes turned up loud enough. Gloved fingers become numb, then scream with pain; ears freeze into icy spikes digging deep on each side of your head; nose runs almost as profusely as sweat glands buried under multiple layers of protective clothing.

But above the low rumbling of the idling car and the “skitch-skitch” of the ice scraper, the Gimme Gimmes are slamming through a Beach Boys cover, and things just don’t seem too bad.

If you’re a fan (I know at least three of you are), then hit their website, launch the flashy-flash, and click on the “News” tab. There, you’ll find a link to the video for their R. Kelly cover “I Believe I Can Fly” off “Take a Break”. It’s pretty funny, and features that crazy-lookin’ kid from Sum 41, someone that looks suspiciously like Paris Hilton, Andrew W.K., and Jello Biafra among others.

If you recognize other people from the video, drop a comment to share.

5 thoughts on “Gimme Gimmes Video

  1. Scroll down in the “News” section, and check out the “rich kids” or “poor kids” links… don’t bother with that stupid Japanese crap… that link never worked.

  2. Found it; happy in the mouth area! Have to install crappy Real
    Player. Now sad in the
    mouth area.
    Played video. Now happy in the mouth area!
    Net happiness.

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