Coincidental Impetus & Subsequent Joy

Of all the ‘blogs I read daily, I’ve only actually met Gregg in person. Derek’s post about the 30 songs to which he sings “… along like a bad karaoke singer who’s had a few too many…” featured Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes”.

Best song ever. Best movie ever.

That kicked me in the ass a bit. I went to the oft-neglected iTunes’ “Library” playlist and hit that best song ever. Here’s what happened:

  1. “In Your Eyes”: Peter Gabriel
  2. “Solsbury Hill”: Peter Gabriel
  3. “I’ll Fall with your Knife”: Peter Murphy
  4. “Bombshell”: Powerman 5000 (off Freddy vs. Jason)
  5. The “Prick” album by… um… Prick
  6. “The Fat of the Land” album by The Prodigy
  7. “Love My Way”: The Psychedelic Furs

If only I could get to some Queens of the Stone Age before going to bed…

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