Bitch, realize…

… where the good tips come from.

Situation: Jack and I roll into your establishment to have a beer or three, play some PhotoHunt, or whatever.

I ask for a Miller Lite in a bottle. You tell me that Coors Light is cheaper. I say, “Yeah, but Coors Light tastes like shit…” and pause to hit the PhotoHunt screen before saying, “… but Miller Lite is only slightly less shitty.” But, it’s too late.

I have a bad attitude all of a sudden.

Jack and I can no longer even talk to you, the Chosen Bartender of Tuesday Night with no other patrons but drunk-ass dudes that have been there since Happy Hour. Pawn us off to the waitress, and be snobby in doing so… as if she is below you.

Guess what.

That waitress got a 100%+ tip on her tab. You got $0.74 on our initial purchase.