I Had Something to Say

I’ve got huge problems with Gregg’s “Journalism as Ad Copy” post… and my comment to it.

Maybe he’ll tell me that he was just proving a readily-apparent point (at least to him as an ex-Shaq employee), but the subject of “news” (especially the “marketing” aspect of what becomes “news”) warrants much more time than I can give right now.

Look for a really long essay in about a week. Or two?

One thought on “I Had Something to Say

  1. It’s a press release. It might as well have said, “Radio Shack makes obvious tech choice, maintains status quo”.

    No one ever tells you what Linux or Sun or Apple is competing against in this kind of “article”. Yet advocates (I got the link from Scoble) point and jump about, “yay big win for our team!”.

    That’s where we bloggers are supposed to come in: using our unique views on things to cover what the mainstream people won’t. (See also: Joi Ito, Dave Winer, etc).

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