Sports Roundup

The Southeast Division Champion Tampa Bay Lightning: Over the past five games, the Bolts got spanked by the Senators, but destroyed the Flyers, Leafs, Devils, and Rangers. With the exception of NYR, those are four top-tier hockey clubs. 4-for-5, outscoring their opponents by a combined score of 18 goals for vs. 9 against. With an upcoming schedule featuring NHL powerhouses [snort] Penguins, Hurricanes, and Panthers… could this be new-year-push the Bolts so desperately need to make the playoffs? Yeah, they’re third in the standings today, but only by way of leading the SE Division. Otherwise, they’d be skating under the sword of Damocles.

The Washington Capitals: The Caps have won two in a row against the ‘Canes and the Oilers… both pretty sucky teams in all respects. Call it a winning streak.

The NFL Playoffs: Here it goes. Indianapolis beats New England. Philly beats Carolina. Indianapolis wins the Super Bowl. Well… to hedge a bit… AFC wins the Super Bowl. Straight-up gut feeling.

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