Overall Tepidity

The trip to Dewey kind of rocked, and kind of sucked. It ended on a bad note, [expunged upon request]. But good times were had, and I’ll remember those.

The sold-out Ill Niño / Sevendust show in Norfolk was less than scintillating. But, I gotta’ say, the people that go to The Norva are generally very cool people. Doug and I were lucky enough to just hang out with a few different groups throughout the night, despite the somewhat lackluster performances.

In more recent news… The phrase “shock and awe” has been resurrected in reference to pictures from Mars? That’s fucking stupid.

Meanwhile, Paul Graham’s essay on “What You Can’t Say” is thought-provoking and deserves a read or two. (via Metafilter, regardless of how much I hate to admit it) Oh… one thing I can’t say: Dubya and his crew are a bunch of fucking fascists. I know you were pining to hear at least one.

Oh, yeah, and Pete Rose actually did bet on baseball. Hrm… big fucking surprise there, folks. Salon sports columnist, King Kaufman, pretty much sums up my thoughts on the situation. Not that I’d actually given it much thought.

Finally. Simpson’s Hit & Run for PlayStation2 is pretty great.

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