Tampa’s Kind of Weird

If you’re driving around in a car that society (or at least the manufacturer) considers “sporty”, any dickhead in a pick-up truck will try to drag race with you. Seriously. I’m not saying that I’d beat them if I tried… but drag racing with an old Ford F-250? C’mon, man… get a hobby.

Don’t order a Cuban sandwich at a chain restaurant; you’re sure to be disappointed. Get one from a place that actually knows how to make them (La Teresita). And, how many “wings” restaurants does a single metropolitan area really need? Other than Hooters, that is?

So, it’s official, I’m the last remaining unwed child. There can be only one. My brother got married on May 12th rmph years ago in Vegas, baby, Vegas… and my little sister got married this past December 18th in the Bahamas.

That makes going to Tampa even weirder for me. Now, I’m not just going down there to hang with my family… but my family’s family, too. Weird, but definitely cool. Photos forthcoming.

Happily surprising (and adding to the Tampa Weirdness), [she] flew down for the weekend, and got (had?) to meet my family. We’re not just talking nuclear family, here… we’re talking grandparents, aunts & uncles, cousins… shit like that. She survived, and didn’t run screaming, although she was in kind of a hurry at the airport earlier today… hrm… In all seriousness, though, my family fucking rules, and I love them all.

It’s late, and I’ve got to go to work in 7 hours. Oh, almost forgot… book reviews for Al Frankens “Lies” etc. and, get this, Kurt Vonnegut’s “Breakfast of Champions” are also forthcoming. Shit, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. I only read when on vacation, apparently.