See No Evil Redux

Months after Gregg recommended it, I finally got around to listening to Robert Baer’s “See No Evil”. I guess a 16+ hour road trip at the end of November didn’t quite provide the proper opportunity? Three hours of holiday travel plus two consecutive nights of iPodding before bed while on vacation is, apparently, a more attractive alternative for me. What’s wrong with me, anyway?

As for writing a review of the (audio) book, I can’t do any better than Gregg already has. What I can contribute, however, is my abject fear for the future of America and “the rest of us”, its citizens not involved in the political power-struggle cage match.

Baer’s “See No Evil” working in concert with Howard Bloom’s “The Lucifer Principle” present to me irrefutable evidence that America’s head is up America’s ass. I wish I could just blame it all on neoconservatives, but this sort of situation is non-partisan at its root.

A. Money is the root of all evil.
B. Money is the root of American Government.
C. By a sort of twisted transitive property, the American Government is evil because its human constituents covet power and money more than they are concerned with governing (much less protecting) America.

Yeah, it’s a pretty cynical view of things. But what can anyone say that conveys any sense of hope when the 800-pound gorilla of Capitol Hill’s lobby-mob (and their bitches & whores in Congress) are left to their own devices?


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