Leavin’ on a Jet Plane

Don’t know when I’ll be back again. Okay, I lied… back on the 28th. Off to Florida for the holidays and my little sister’s wedding celebration party at Mom’s.

[she]’s housewarming party-slash-wine tasting was last night. A few people showed up. I was the pogo stick champion with 31 consecutive pogos until some sober dude got 69. Consecutive pogos that is.

I wonder why my knee is swollen and severly bruised?

[she] bought me an iPod for Xmas. How awesome is that? Now, hopefully, Gregg will get offa’ my ass to buy one. I bought her a PlayStation2 for her beach house (her request, honest) and a pair of diamond earrings. Hrm…. they looked bigger on the Internet.

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  1. Sarah generally loathes all technological gadgetry and she approves of the iPod, which is like the most insanely powerful endorsement of a product ever.

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