Evil Panther Tease

So Guy#1 walked into my office around 3pm today and handed me a black box with a huge, silvery X on the front. At last, it was The Panther.

I have three unused Macs in my office: two G3 iBooks and a pretty chunky G4 iLamp that’ll eventually replace my G4 sawtooth as a workstation. Each of these systems has an existing user account featuring a ton of email, personal files, etc. and a slew of 3rd party applications already installed. But, none of that data matters, as I’ve already hooked those people up with newer, faster systems. Which can mean only one thing:

Straight upgrade Jaguar to Panther with impunity! Throw caution to the wind, backup nothing, and see just how fucked up the upgrade process is going to be. I haven’t heard good things. Three different Jag versions (.5, .6, .8) on two different platforms/processors… and bring them all up to the latest 10.3.x release? It could quite possibly prove blissful.

Disclaimer: Although I plan on installing that one copy of OS X 10.3 on all three systems for evaluation purposes, my company will purchase a license for every Mac in the house (or hizzy), as all good children should.

But… not yet. As I was preparing the first victim installation, I got an email from Guy#2. My development server was built and ready for hardcore Zopification. Well… more like go fix a couple of bugs, a misspelling, add some stuff to this page… unexciting shit like that. Given that the next software bundle release is somewhat contingent on my getting my Zope shit done… I could only look at those shiny black CDs with longing and dispair (spelled it right this time, smartass) despair. Damnit! Damnit! Damnit!

Those two probably coordinated their efforts to punish me in the only way they can… by teasing me with lickable goodness, and yanking it away at the last minute. Those bastards.

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