Meaningless Weekend Review

Tonight, I received explicit permission to substitute [girlfriend’s name] with, uh, her actual name; she finds this whole ‘blog thing kind of odd. Either way, that should make shit a bit easier to write (and read), not to mention more grammatically correct. Not that grammatical correctness is first and foremost on my list of ‘blog requirements, as evidenced by the remainder of this post.

Update: She has since rescinded the aforementioned explicit permission.

Drove up to Philly yesterday, and barring an unexpected, mandatory detour off 95 at Newark, DE–probably due to an accident working in concert with scheduled lane closures–made it up fine. Went to [her] work party, which wasn’t horrible. It was actually kind of fun, once I pegged who the “cool” people were. We got rockstar parking downtown across the street from the Hilton; rockstar parking in any “downtown” location always merits mention.

The drive back today was only periodically treacherous, despite shitty weather along most of the east coast. Some people just drive like dickheads. Being cautious is one thing, but being overly cautious only serves to create a dangerous situation. Dickheads.

Two weeks ago, [she] killed me 5-1 on disparate games in the weekly football picks category. Last week, we both went two-for-two, and it fell to MNF points. I took 45, she took 46. The points total on last Monday was… yeah… 46. Damnit! Damnit! Damnit!

This week, the three games we didn’t agree upon are already done. I went three for three, and [she] went jackshit for three. That’s right… I rule the almighty earth. And, I almost picked Oakland. Yeah, I know… shoulda’ coulda’ woulda’.

This post has no point, therefore it ends now.

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  1. Is she the woman with you in your birthday pictures? If so, she’s -very- pretty! You make a nice couple. I’m happy for you!

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