Am I a Web Professional?

Tooling around on the web, I found myself at Zeldman’s site, which links to Lars Holst’s site, which lists what he considers “Well-Designed Weblogs“. One of the ‘blogs he lists is done by a guy, name of Joel Biroco. In his journal, Biroco laments over the current state of the Web; and, really, who among us hasn’t become disenchanted with the amazing abundance of shit out there at one time or another? At one point, he says:

Of course, still no-one’s interested in hiring me and frankly I’m getting fed-up of every second person I come across on the web being a bloody ‘web professional’ (most of whom are crap designers).

The audacity! The pretense!

Biroco’s website design is, without a doubt, immaculate. But the Web isn’t primarily concerned with design. Apprently, only those who have a natural talent for design (or are fairly good at it) seem to think it is, however.

There are a lot of people who may or may not know anything about design, but still have websites, and very well should be recognized as “web professionals”.

As soon as Mr. Biroco can integrate his pretty pictures with a backend database (from scratch) or write a book about PHP, Apache, Perl, Python… or put any one of those technologies to good use on the web… then he’s just going to be left to wallow in his own self pity.

By the way, I have no formal design training. It’s all been trial and error since I started in desktop publishing about 7 years ago. I’m not that great at it. Nor am I that great at web services, Python coding or database integration. But I’m good enough. And, fortunately for me, someone was interested in hiring me based solely on my limited design capabilities. Then they let me pursue my mediocre web skills, and just keep giving me raises.

So, am I a “web professional” yet? Do you like the new MMH design? No, it’s not spectacular, but I think it looks pretty cool.


2 thoughts on “Am I a Web Professional?

  1. You misread me, but never mind. We each find a hook for what we want to say, and it no longer matters whether we misrepresent the original catalyst for our thoughts. Unless we care, I guess.

  2. I’ve always liked your work — simple and clean. Whatever websites you have designed that I have looked at have been easy to navigate, are always pleasing to the eye, and don’t invoke any seizures.

    Talent is something you just -have- and doesn’t necessarily take years and years to cultivate. Obviously, your current workplace recognized that in you.

    I like the new design!

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