I’m Almost Over It

The tradeshow runs through Thursday, but I landed at Dulles at midnight. Not a minute too soon. I’ve been a throbbing knot of stress since Saturday morning.

To highlight only the major points:

  • The drive down was fun.
  • Amazingly, I have a natural talent for backing up a trailer (it’s all just physics).
  • Prior planning prevents poor performance, as evidenced by the comparatively short time it took us to set up our part of the exhibit.
  • Those other two guys from work are some slackass little bitches, who didn’t plan very well. Yeah, put in extra hours NOW because you had your heads up your asses for the last three months, and then bitch about it. You pussies.
  • Nothing will ever go perfectly.

Despite some minor setbacks, some major disappointments, and overall exhaustion… our booth looks awesome, benefits from unexpectedly good sight lines, and we’re actually getting props from more directions than we’d anticipated.

Okay… now I’m officially “over it”… no more bitching about the tradeshow.

Now that my role in the tradeshow exhibition is over, I’m looking forward to spending more quality time with my girlfriend, increasing my hockey consumption, visiting my family for Xmas and my baby sister’s wedding party, and New Year’s Eve in Dewey Beach.