So Pissed Right Now

I was online, IM’ing with a couple of people about random, inconsequential shit, and the TV was still on. After the Caps beat the Wings, I switched over to see the Bucs beat the Giants. The local late-night newscast came on after-the-fact.

WJLA, ABC 7 in the D.C. area sucks a big, fat cock. Here’s what I wrote to them via their online contact form:

Reporting on the Muhammad/Malvo cases is, without doubt, of interest to everyone that lives and/or works in the D.C. Metro area.

Your conscious decision to broadcast the 911 call audio from Linda Franklin’s husband was horrific, unnecessary, and “sensationalist” in the most forgiving definition. Everyone in this area lived through their own fear during the sniper attacks. To violate Mr. Franklin by making public his greatest moment of weakness and dispair despair is truly sickening.

I’m a huge fan of free speech and objectivity in the media, but your production team crossed the line on this one. A man’s suffering after his wife has been shot in the head builds ratings how? You all should be ashamed.

And, here’s proof that I did so.

That’s completely fucked up. Thx, Gregg for the correction.

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