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We got to Jaxx a bit late, so only caught the very end of 7 Circles‘ set. The one whole song we heard was actually pretty good. After listening to their demo, though, it sounds like we missed some pretty good hardcore from an up-and-coming band. The singer, Aaron H., hung out with Doug and I for a bit after their set, and that guy’s pretty fuckin’ cool; not at all a primadonna “rockstar” asshole. See Superjoint Ritual below.

Next band up was a local hard-groove, kinda’ latin band St. Diablo. They started with “King Of The Neighborhood”, and once we heard the intro, we were sold; we’d be buying their CD before the end of the night. They were great to see live, and the CD is pretty good, too.

The midpoint of the evening (also the high point of the evening) was death/black hardcore band, Devildriver. These motherfuckers were completely awesome to see live. Taken as a single set, these guys were even better than either of their labelmates, Spineshank or Ill Niño, although that Norva show was better overall, given the total level of talent. Devildriver’s sound was so thick, and Dez sounded like his larynx was going to come flying out of his mouth, sail over the moshpit, and land on the back bar. The mix was so on that every song they played sounded almost exactly like it does on their CD. Fuck all… they were phenomenal.

Fourth band: Morbid Angel. For the record: Morbid Angel fucking sucks. Sucks sucks sucks. For the record.

Headlining was Superjoint Ritual, featuring Pantera’s Phil Anselmo and Hank Williams 3rd on bass. They were pretty good. Phil was either high or drunk, and really pissed off. Never realized how small his mouth is… or how much he looks like Jason Mewes. Phil has a serious God-complex… thinks the world of himself. But on the other hand, he also told the security guys to leave the kids alone, everyone takes care of everyone, so stage dive all you want, but you motherfuckers on the floor better catch them. The place went crazy for them.

All in all—not including Morbid Angel because they fucking suck—the show was great, but Devildriver were the stars last night. Fucking metal!

4 thoughts on “Concert Review

  1. Well, goddamn! Can’t keep a girl in the loop and remind her when the hell it is we’re goin out?? DAYUM!! Just wrong. And then to turn around, call her a liar and a punk? Well, I’m just glad I don’t have to wash your car…. :-)

  2. Don’t forget when Phill said, “Get the pit going mother fuckers… fuckin counter clockwise.”

    And don’t forget… “get up on stage, do your shit, get the fuck off, and don’t fuckin touch me”. What was the first thing someone did? Of course… ran up on stage and touched him.

  3. you are the biggest fucking idiot i have had the dishonor of coming across. morbid angel DO NOT SUCK. you may not care for them, but they DO NOT SUCK. THEY CANNOT SUCK, IT IS NOT POSSIBLE. pompous about their skills, yes, suck, ABSOLUTELY NOT. i am guessing because you couldn’t possibly wrap your mind around the polyrhythmic complexities of the arrangements, it might have been a direct challenge to like, let alone appreciate, things that might challenge you as a listener. trey azagthoth and pete sandovol are gods at the instruments, completely shitting on anyone in devildriver. you are the dumbest person who posseses a fairly well layed out website.

  4. hey monkey dick…..anyone who thinks morbid angel sucks needs to go check out some backstreet boys….have you been hanging around “neverland” too long lady? ILL NINO? funny you like shitty bands punk……to qoute phil anselmo “you ain’t got the balls son” I understand why all you little kids don’t like morbid…….cause you were raised on american idol and blink….go check out some green day and shut up

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