Weekend In Review

The Southeast Division Champion Tampa Bay Lightning were in DC on Friday to play the Caps. The Bolts destroyed the Caps, 5-2. I was there with six close friends to see the carnage. Who would have thought that carnage could be a good thing?

Saturday, we rolled out to Dewey Beach for the closing of the Starboard even though I like the Bottle & Cork better. Some friends had rolled out Friday night, to begin “the weekend of unwanted and inappropriate touching”. Remember, the safe word is “Oklahoma”.

Saturday night, steaks and PhotoHunt at Big Mike’s, back to [her place] to watch her brother on Trading Spaces, an homage to Office Space when everyone took turns beating the shit out of her crappy old receiver. Also starring men in plastic shell bras and longboarding in the street at rediculous hours. Hrm… never actually made it to the Starboard. Oklahoma, Oklahoma!

Sunday, lunch at the Starboard followed by submission to peer pressure and Suicide Sunday participation (dollar beers). Blackjack in the back with Vito, where anyone can bet anything (two cigarette minimum)… I never imagined I’d win chapstick, a condom and some business cards after splitting aces. That was amazingly fun. “Sir, DO NOT touch the cards!” That guy was hilarious. Thankfully caught a ride home with Bets and crashed early.

Oh, yeah… photos here (Friday/Saturday). Forgot the cam on Sunday; that kinda’ sucks. Back to the grind… got a staff meeting in two hours.