Meatspace Shopping Spree

Hrm… not a bad name for a band…

Just purchased:
Devildriver: Devildriver—awesome
40 Below Summer: The Mourning After—very good
Static-X: Shadow Zone—pretty good
Superjoint Ritual: A Lethal Dose of American Hatred—gonna’ have to listen to it more before I’ll be able to decide.

A note about copy protection: The 40BS disc came with a label on the front reading, “This CD is protected against unauthorized duplication. It is designed to play on standard playback devices and an appropriately configured computer…” The system requirements on the back of the CD account for OS X and everything, but it’s interesting to note that iTunes had no problem ripping the tracks to MP3 format. I can only guess that it would also have no problem burning those files to an audio CD. Since I own the physical CD, however, that situation will never occur… but don’t believe the hype.


2 thoughts on “Meatspace Shopping Spree

  1. Don’t let 40BS, Static-X, and Superjoint fool you…

    Pretty soon, the new 40BS will become addictive. You’ll listen to it a lot.

    After a few spins of the new Static-X, you’ll wonder why you didn’t like it so much on the first listen.

    Superjoint Ritual… this will take many listens to persuade your mind that this is an awsome album. I got addicted when it played over and over one night while surfing the web.

    Also… keep in mind that Phill plays guitar on that album. In fact, he wrote most of the guitar riffs. He doesn’t play guitar durring live performances though… he mainly concentrates on his vocals.

  2. Just picked up Devildriver… was able to listen to tracks 1-7 before I got home.

    Not to happy with tracks 1-4, but 5,6, and 7 kick ass! Just popped it in my little portable to listen to the rest… wait, I need to hear 5-7 again first.

    Does this band remind you of Coal Chamber?

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