How Cool are My Neighbors?

Jack and Kristin stopped by last night before I headed out for the movie. They said they wanted to drop off my “birthday present”. Now, having heard stories about the kind of filthy photographs they develop almost daily at their friendly neighborhood photo shop in D.C., you can understand my initial apprehension.

But, they bought me a new cellphone! How fucking cool is that? At one point, a beautiful woman once commented on my old phone: “Wow, that’s a freakin’ brick!” And, J&K said they couldn’t bear to hang out with me anymore if I was going to carry around that huge cellphone. So, in order to spare themselves the embarrassment, they got me the new one.

Either way, I’m loving it. Number transfer in progress, new plan will actually cost me less than the old phone with unlimited Internet and other goodies. Awesome. Thanks, guys!