Pirates, Hockey, Music, Beers

Tonight is “Pirates of the Caribbean” at the local-to-her drafthouse cinema. I’ve heard from multiple, reliable sources that the movie rules. It’ll rule that much more with a couple of beers and cigarettes. Still must get out to see “Kill Bill”, but screw all that Matrix shit.

Tomorrow is hockey. Caps versus Sharks. Jeez, I hope the Caps win. Well, only because they’re going to get spanked like petulant three-year-olds on Friday (11/14) when the Bolts take revenge for the 5-1 slaughter at the Ice Palace St. Pete Times Arena. That’s a gay name… well… they’re both kinda’ gay.

Someone I just sorta’ met recommended I check out the band The Mayan Factor today after I pinged her about the upcoming Superjoint Ritual/Devildriver show at Jaxx. I went to the Mayan Factor website, downloaded the two MP3s they offer (all on the up and up, ‘course), and… gotta’ say… they remind me of a mellower Apex Theory. That’s a good thing. Might head up to The Mojo in Baltimore to hear them some Monday soon.

Oh, and beer applies to all of the above. :) Tonight, not driving; tomorrow, not driving; whatever Monday… not driving. So there you go.

One thought on “Pirates, Hockey, Music, Beers

  1. May swing up for Superjoint Ritual. I have to put my boss in a strangle-hold and scream. “I’m fuckin takin off work you nazi work-aholic fuck!”

    I’ll see how that goes over.

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