Someone Wake Me Up

Kolzig makes 40+ saves. Khabibulin lets in four before getting pulled. The Bolts go 0-7 on the powerplay. Lang and Gonchar both have three-point nights.

Me: (earlier) Dude, if Tampa loses its first game to the Caps, I’m going to be pissed!
My Brother: Shit, that would suck!

Hrmph. November 14th, the Bolts make the Caps suck a nut at the MCI Center… I hope. That way, even though I’m bound to get some jabs here on MMH from various Caps die-hards, I’ll be able to console their sad, sad souls at F Street afterward.

As a Caps fan, though… Zubrus had a great game, and Kolzig was off his ever-lovin’ rocker with the shit he saved tonight. Hopefully this win will light a fire under their heretofore complacent asses.

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