Election Day in VA

Yup, I voted. Damn long line, too. I’m not going to reveal my choices to you, as if you’d care what the hell is happening in Fairfax County unless you live here. But I’ll tell you who I didn’t vote for… this maladjusted Jesus freak. Taking quotes from his election website:

“MOREOVER, A WASHINGTON POST OP-ED PIECE, “Darwinism and Design” (8/21/99) notes that Darwinism “contradicts a large body of scientific evidence.” The fossil record does not support Darwinism.”

As soon as the Washington Post opinion section starts to be recognized by the scientific community, complete with peer-reviewed studies, then I’ll buy into whatever arguments some equally-maladjusted Jesus freak says when he gets his letter published in it.

“It is difficult to improve student behavior when scientific evidence is squelched in a way that undermines the most intuitive argument for the existence of God – that of Creator.”

Scientific evidence can only be called “squelched” when the majority of the scientific community doesn’t support what you believe. You’re always going to have the “scientists” on the fringe who purport to have “valuable scientific evidence” that contradicts the mainstream; well, shit, they’re revolutionaries! Not fucking likely if your “evidence” doesn’t stand up to scrutiny by people in your field.

Let’s just hope that this Purves whacko becomes disenchanted with politics after he’s not elected to the Hunter Mill district school board (a highly-coveted position, mind you *snort*) for Fairfax Co. Public Schools. I’d hate to see what kind of shit he could do if he had any real power.

To Mr. Purves: I only have a B.S. in Biology, but I’d love to see this scientific evidence that proves the existence of the Creator (or God, Allah, whomever) so that I could poke more logical holes in it than already exist. P.S. You lost my vote because you’re a religious zealot, not because of any specific religious belief.


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