Elton John

That’s right… Elton John, motherfu… sorry, wrong attitude.

“But, Gary,” you must be thinking, “aren’t you supposed to be some huge metalhead?” Well, yeah, but the iTunes Music Store doesn’t have the new Static-X or the new Devildriver, so… y’know.

Growing up, our Dad subjected us to a lot of different music. While 90s Van Halen, Little Feat, Gloria Estefan, Foghat and various others never actually took root in the ol’ noggin, Dad piped a lot of great tunes into our then-maleable minds. The music he introduced to us kids… The Four Tops, Commodores, Bob Seger (don’t forget the Silver Bullet Band), Billy Joel, Harry Chapin and Elton John… is Dad’s true legacy in my mind.

Not to mention those Ohio Players album covers that made me feel funny in a way I couldn’t yet comprehend. My entire life went to shit when I grew able to “comprehend” those album covers, lemme tell ya’.

So, the four year anniversary of Dad’s death is one month away. While I still can’t force myself to buy anything that Harry Chapin ever did (shit makes me cry), I did go on an iTunes/Elton John shopping spree tonight; I dropped a whopping $16.83 for seventeen individual EJ songs, all greatest hits in my mind. Just to torture you, here’s the setlist:

  1. Someone Saved My Life Tonight
  2. Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds
  3. Philadelphia Freedom
  4. Daniel
  5. Your Song
  6. Crocodile Rock
  7. The Bitch Is Back
  8. I’m Still Standing (ouch, Dad’s probably pissed about that one)
  9. Bennie and the Jets
  10. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
  11. Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting
  12. Honky Cat
  13. Rocket Man
  14. Tiny Dancer
  15. Levon
  16. Island Girl
  17. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

One thought on “Elton John

  1. Nothing beats old Elton John tunes. DGBMH was the first 45 I ever bought and played on my little light blue turntable I had that resembled a little suitcase (white handle and all). I group these with the other’s you mentioned, plus old Rod Stewart, Little River Band, and EW&F . . to mention a few.

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