Lowered Expectations by Default

Okay. Given that I’m a big fan of Drew Curtis’ FARK.com (uh, wrote the Farkin’ Parser), I get this weird feeling that the quality of opinions held by the moderators is declining.

Granted, the same thing happened with Slashdot, but, c’mon y’all. The smoking calculator deserves an entry? I could do that shit in 45.6 seconds—given my superior typing skills—on neurobashing. [(A/B)*C]*365 = this is Fark worthy?

And the guy who tries to explain where the term “indian summer” came from? Take a lesson from pretentious fuck Jason Doe, and learn how to write a proper sentence. Two hints: subject AND predicate.

What a world.

One thought on “Lowered Expectations by Default

  1. Dude… I found out I could save aboot $1100 a year if I quit smoking. Fuck it… it’s expensive to kill yourself these days.

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