Early Morning Afterthought

That Jason Doe kid must be fourteen.

One last dig: it’s is a contraction meaning it is… it’s not possessive. Note proper usage.

I realize that I’m splitting hairs in deigning to bring this up again. He no longer factors into my realm of existence. This is the last you’ll read about him.

I hope he’s thirty years old and lives next door. We could kill a lot of beers together, and I’d be more than happy to dress him down on every occasion.

Hey, at least I consider trying to put forth the effort behind being self-deprecating.


One thought on “Early Morning Afterthought

  1. Trust me… he’s 45 years old, lives with his mother, enjoys kiddie porn, and is waiting for the day he meets you just so he can play whack-a-mole on your face with a 22 oz hammer. Then he’ll write aboot it with his favorite thesaurus that he clutches so dearly to his ever so troubled heart.

    When you come to… you’ll look up from a dark pit and hear.. “IT PUT’S THE LOTION ON IT’S SKIN”.
    Then Thesuarus Boy will perform prison acts from American Me on you, and other unspeakables such as “squeal like a pig” from Deliverance, and the cop in the chair scene from Resivior Dogs.

    Sounds pretty far fetched, but hey… Jay and Silent Bob went after their internet bashers… “Are you Magnolia Fan who writes… Jay and Silent Bob….” Just a drunken theory.

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