Who has a Thesaurus?

This guy.

You thought I was pretentious because I use words I don’t actually have to look up? While I agree with his opinion about the latest Spineshank release, for the most part, I have to call bullshit on him. Granted, I go to dictionary.com to make sure I’m spelling shit correctly, but who can write—with a clear conscious—shit like this?

“This appears to be more of a move to streamline the band’s acerbic pretense, giving the songs a radio-friendly appearance that uses electronic elements in a vain attempt to sound hip, rather than injecting subtle doses to enhance their slight industrial edge.”

Basically, a guy who writes music reviews—like Doug and I do here—for an obscure metal website. Sure, I tapped that site’s review of Motograter in my own… but, Jason, you’re not going to get a career out of it.

So stop alienating your lowest common denominator metal fans by using big words in the effort to read erudite. It’s uncalled for; they can’t relate; it’s, basically, a blatant abuse of the thesaurus.

Oh, and learn to punctuate, dickhead.