Violent Mood Swings

Not just the title of the opening track on the new Spineshank CD…

down: It’s Friday and raining.

up: Spent most of last night learning about data normalization and stuff. That whole database thing isn’t so hard. I still dread the if/then Rube Goldberg that I’ll have to build into a valid SQL query when adding a new record, though. But “fear is the mindkiller”, as Gregg keeps reminding me.

down: I hate drawing system/network diagrams. Especially considering all the wonderful drag-and-drop icons and hardware representations I’ve created for others to use in OmniGraffle… so they can draw their own shit. It’s not even for a proposal; we’ve already won the contract. But, being my usual idiot self, I tell the project engineer, “yeah, I can kick that out tomorrow,” when I’ve got tons more shit to do… all of it higher priority.

I must be bipolar or something.

… or a masochist.


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