Will it All Work Out?

A lot of things are up in the air right now… but if shit works out the way I hope it will:

Wed., Sept. 24: Take off early from work, drive to Norfolk for the Spineshank/Ill Niño show with Doug.

Thu., Sept. 25: Check out of the hotel, drive to NC for a weekend at the beach-house with friends.

Sun., Sept. 28: Drive back to NoVA, prepare for work.

Mon., Sept. 29 — Thu., Oct. 2: Work. Yay.

Fri., Oct. 3: Carpool up to Philly with Betsy & April to meet Doug for another blissful weekend of… um… bliss.

Sun., Oct. 5: Drive back to NoVA, prepare for work. Yay?

I’ll see what happens. If all else fails, at least I’ll be able to kick the shit out of some hardcore Python database API action.