An Early Start

I was dreaming that I had something in my eye. In the dream, I guess I was looking into some sort of magnifying mirror, because my eyeball was HUGE. There, I found two eyelashes that looked to be several inches long and about as big around as a paper clip. I had to pluck them from the surface of my eyeball with my fingertips.

In the awake world, I can’t bear the thought of someone touching their own eyeball. Just listening to someone telling me about putting in their contact lenses makes me squirm.

In the dream state, though, it wasn’t that big of a deal… until I actually woke up with a goddamn eyelash in my eye. At 6:53am on a Sunday, no less! Oh, well… no sense in trying to get back to sleep with one bloodshot, irritated sclera.

Today, work is sponsoring a trip to Baltimore for the Orioles game. This is yet another reason why [my company] rules.

There’s a good sized group of employees and their families who are all going. We got a block of club-level seats for everyone. Each employee pays $20 per ticket, and [my company] funds the rest. That includes: the rest of the ticket price, transportation via party bus, food, drink and beer on the bus.

Once we get to Camden Yards, people buy their own stuff, of course. But, we’ll all jump the bus back to VA, so there’s your quality sober-up time right there.

What a life. My eye still kinda’ hurts.