IdiotBoy Strikes Again!

Not that I’m going to write, dear Reader, something you don’t already know, or even care about.

Question: When developing Python-based Web applications that require such tactics… why on earth would you try:
os.system('rm /path/to/file')
… when:
… actually fucking works?

Obvious Answer: You wouldn’t.

You might suspect ownership or permissions inconsistencies. But, what if your web-interface-generated files’ owner/group/world permissions (644) are the same as your during-testing, command-line-generated files (uh, also 644)? Apparently, that doesn’t mean shit. If you’ve got a ‘nobody’ group, your os.system(shit) isn’t going to work.

I learned this tonight. Yay me. I’ve proven myself an idiot. At least I fixed it…