OS X Virtual Desktop

This little application is actually pretty freakin’ cool. I downloaded it tonight, and plan on paying the guy some money. If you’re a fan of virtual consoles or desktops commonly used in Linux, you might get a kick out of it.

Found via MacMerc’s RSS feed.

Follow-up: Although I think this app is still pretty cool, it can be confusing if you’re used to command-tab’ing between applications on one Desktop. Reason is: if you’ve got an open BBEdit document on screen 2 only, and you’re command-tab’ing through available windows on screen 1 (Mail or Safari or whatever), it won’t get you over to that BBEdit document. :) That’s probably a good thing, but I’d love it if they’d skip over BBEdit in the command-tab sequence on screen 1.

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3 thoughts on “OS X Virtual Desktop

  1. It’s fast… practically instantaneous. Hotkeys are command-option-rightarrow and command-option-leftarrow… so it’s not ALL that similar to Linux.

  2. Thanks for the comments :) — Glad you like the app. It seems the itch I scratched while writing it was a common one.

    Just for information, I come from the Linux world which might explain any Linux-isms in the app :)

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