Why Two Legs… or Any?

The Fifth Element” is on cable right now. I’ve already watched it twice within the last 10 days, but it’s better than fake boobie softcore on Cinemax.

Why are all the aliens bipedal? Not just in this movie… but in most.

Is it because the film-makers lack the imagination to see beyond the human form? Or is it because the computer-generated graphics and animation technology wasn’t as advanced as it is nowadays? Or is it because seeing an alien that didn’t walk upright on two stems would be completely… er… alienating… to the people who watch the film, therefore affecting its box-office bottom line? Or is it because it’s cheaper to get an actual human to walk around in a foam-rubber suit?

I completely screwed up my sleep schedule by leaving work early yesterday, taking a nap, going out drinking with Gregg, and staying up until 6:30am talking about Internet technology with his roommate, Carl (of 23 Pools fame).

I’ll never get to sleep tonight. Or this morning, as fate would have it.