All I wanted was “I’ll Fall with Your Knife” off Peter Murphy’s “Cascade”. Apple Music Store doesn’t have it, so I went back to EMusic.com.

Yeah, yeah, here’s my credit card info. Hrm… they can’t authorize? Fine… here’s a different one. Hrm… can’t authorize. I only have two, fuckers. One Visa (the newly replaced check card with a nice fat balance because I got paid on Friday), and one Mastercard with thousands of dollars of available credit.

Oh, shit! The last (read: only) time I did anything on EMusic.com was way back in the day when my roommate-at-the-time, Chris, alerted me to a promotion they were running. Buy one “album” of MP3s and get a free speaker set, including powered subwoofer. So I bought their “Awesome 80s” collection. However many years later, those are still my pipes at work.

But I’ve moved twice since then. Damnit. Go in, change my billing address, instant authorization, soundsticks cranked to eleven, enjoying the gothy goodness of Peter Murphy right now.

Not that the particular song could be considered gothy. Also re-downloading the 80s shit, which I’d subsequently lost from G3 blue-and-white tower to Cube transition at home… or was it the G3 to G4 tower transition at work? Who knows. “Bela Lugosis Dead” is awesome.