Fuck SCO

What’s happening with the SCO v. IBM lawsuit, sabre-rattling, and whatnot?

Maybe you don’t care, but I do. Here’s my distilled opinion.

SCO released an operating system containing code that is the basis of their lawsuit under the GPL. Done. Next!

Has anyone at SCO behind this bullshit money-thrust ever read the GPL (or even the LGPL)? I read ’em both… somewhere around four and a half years ago. No apologies here… the remote possibility that they know what the fuck they’re talking about is un-fucking-likely. You know why? Because the people that actually wrote valuable kernel code for Caldera slash SCO slash who-the-fuck-ever… have jobs writing valuable kernel code for other companies that aren’t consumed with making a quick buck. If your kernel hackers have jumped ship—or you pushed them off the plank—then what are you left with?

What we’re left with is already-rich venture capitalists bitter over the “dot-com bubble burst” grabbing at straws in an economic slump… putting the screws to phantom CEOs that want to keep their nominal job titles and six-to-seven figure salaries.

There’s no more talent, no more innovation, and no real driving force behind SCO as a viable Unix/Linux company. That was the impetus for steering those VC bucks into Lindon, UT in the first place. The VC fucks lost more money than any of us regular-Joe types will ever see in a lifetime.

And, goddamnit… someone’s going to pay!


2 thoughts on “Fuck SCO

  1. perhaps all those VC fucks are spending all thier money on a international plot to take over all the photohunt machines and replace them with coin-operated vibrating anal stethoscopes :-)

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