New album review of Motograter just posted.

I recently broke up with Erin. It was no-one’s fault. That’s all I’m going to say about it here.

Places worthy of purchase in the Northern Virginia area are pretty scarce right now. I’ll keep looking.

The new iMac is holding up pretty well under the installation onslaught. The soundsticks went out once tonight, but it’s nothing to worry about yet.

We had horribly terrific storms today. Gale-force winds, horizontal rain, shit blowing everywhere, shit getting knocked down. Lightning everywhere. It was awesome. I guess this server went down due to power loss. Oh well, it’s back now.

My place is a mess. Shattered Cube shrapnel everywhere. Not really, I have to wipe the drive and reinstall before returning it to work. Piece of shit.


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