Work Fun! Fun Fun… Fuck!

The distilled version of a very, very long conversation:

Him: So it doesn’t work. He’s doing this, and it doesn’t work. Why not?
Us: Because that product was designed so he wouldn’t have to do that.
Him: But he is, and it’s not working.
Us: What the hell is he doing that for? If he does that, it won’t work, because he’s not supposed to be doing that. The documentation even tells him that he’s not supposed to do that.
Him: Well, he’s doing it anyway. Why do we allow him to do that if it’s not going to work?
Us: Artifact from an older system. Why can’t he just use the product like everyone else… the way it was designed? It’d work then.
Him: We need to fix this.
Me: I’ll write a shell script workaround so he can do that. Then, it’ll work. Fuck. We need to fix this.

And that’s how product development happens at my workplace.