One “Word”: Duh

This BBC story about how Micro$oft’s Office products embed shit you, as the author, can’t see in their “industry standard” file formats is approximately five years too late. We’re talking about a time when Antiword first came to Linux… and a time when most of the machines at work ran Window$.

One of my more astute co-workers at the time sent a mass email to everyone in the company explaining how “deleted” text was included in a Word file, even though it had been “deleted”. His case-in-point example was a plain-text copy/paste from Antiword of a collaborative document where the “deleted” text described a program manager on a project we were bidding as “a complete asshole”. We won that contract, but “Save as…” has become a standard practice since then… when we have to send Word docs.

More times than not, and given OS X’s native PDF support, it’s a bit of hardcore “Print…” followed by “Save Preview as PDF…” action. Oh, have I mentioned we run a Mac shop now?

Love it!