Sweet New Rides




I’m not a huge fan of SUVs. They’re gas-guzzling behemoths that destroy any hope to see upcoming traffic situations if you’re unlucky enough to be driving behind one. Okay, I’ll come clean. I hate SUVs.

That said, the new Infiniti and VW are pretty sweet looking. The Infiniti is like a cross between the Batmobile, the Plymouth Prowler and a grocery getter. The VW is just slick looking in itself.

Then there’s the new Mazda RX-8. Just look at it. It’s outright beautiful. Probably hauls serious ass, too.


I’m perfectly happy with the Bl-AcKura… for the time being. :)

5 thoughts on “Sweet New Rides

  1. Yup…. I’m one of those scumbags that drives the gas guzzling SUVs. I’m a prick. I am a loathsome creature that you cannot see around during one of your “I can make an hour drive in 25 min” runs.

    Dam’n I love my SUV.

  2. BLASPHEMER! No picture of the 2005 Mustang?!? Not that I am biased or anything…. Went car shoppin’ today by the way. Probably gonna trade in Amie’s Mustang on a Vibe or a Matrix. Gotta have a dog hauling mobile. I’m keeping my Mustang until the above referenced model year, and then it is A.M.F. to the yellow GT, and hello to the sweet car o’ my dreams.

  3. Sorry, bro… but I’ll never give props to a blue oval in my public forum. Sure, I might dish a couple of compliments while I’m in the “piss yellow Ford” (American Graffiti was on two nights ago), but that’s only because I love ya’. As for you, Doug… I can make that hour drive in 40 minutes… 43 tops. Provided that your rock-climbin’, chaw-spittin’, yuppified Jeep Liber-TAY isn’t in my WAY on the flat, straight tarmac of our red-blooded American Interstate system. Last I checked, based on the horsepower-to-curb-weight ratio… I’m 161.4 percent all up on your shit.

    “All up on your shit” is an industry term. :) Chico, shut up about our ratios, please? :)

  4. I’m with you on the SUVs. They are fucking awful. That being said, the FX45 is a piece of friggin automotice art deco beauty to behold. And its nicer, cheaper and faster than the Porsche (which is ASS). If I was going to sell my soul to the Saudis and buy an SUV, it would definitely be the VW (since I’ll never be able to afford the FX). It won a bunch of “luxury SUV of the year” awards I believe… and once again… cheaper and nicer than the Porsche.

  5. Oh yeah.. as for the RX8, I keep hearing about the amazing 9000 RPM redline on the thing… but I rarely hear anything about how much less torque it puts out compared to other lower RPM cars… sure it has 9k on the dial… but you have to neutral bomb it at 7 to get it to move :-)

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