Register XML Feed

I read The Register (tagline: “Biting the Hand that Feeds IT”) every day. It’s a geeky site based in the UK that provides news, commentary, reader feedback, and—best of all—the Bastard Operator from Hell (Google it if you don’t already know).

The one thing about El Reg that made me sad was their apparent lack of RSS/XML feed… which I’ve since discovered at Well, that sucks, because I wrote one of my own. Get the feed here: Only difference is that mine includes the latest 16 news items, whereas theirs includes only the last 10. Mine is updated hourly via cronjob; theirs is probably an event-driven update, which is more efficient.

I really need to start thinking about Googling for RSS/XML feeds before I spend the time to write my own, huh?

As an afterthought: both of my custom-built RSS/XML feeds validate. Check it here: Fark Feed and Reg Feed. The MMH feed validates, too.