Chimera, Tabs & TalkBack

Unlike Gregg, I haven’t taken up Safari just yet. I’m waiting for a non-beta release, and–just like everyone else–tabs. So, I’m still kickin’ it Chimera style, although it’s crashed twice on me. Both times, I’m rapidly manipulating (you guessed it) the tabs.

Although it’s only died twice… each time, subsequent efforts to launch the browser have hung, requiring a Force Quit from Finder or Dock. Move the bookmarks, cookies and prefs to the Desktop, trash the user folder, launch Chimera (which works now) to create a new user folder, Quit it, then move the important files back. Not too bad, but a pain in the ass if you don’t know that’s what it takes to cure the hang.

Now back in the days of Netscape 4.x, the built-in TalkBack crash reporter was disabled instantly upon installation. The browser would crash on most of the MSIE-specifically-coded pages, of which there were a lot, and TalkBack’s hijacking of my desktop was just plain ol’ annoying.

These days, however, Chimera 0.6 (yes, I know… a beta release) is pretty damn stable, so I kept TalkBack enabled, just in case Chimera decided to go tits up. Then, the second-ever crash happened today. I filled in all the necessary info on the report form, but the submission process wouldn’t complete. I must have tried 15 times, but it always comes back with a “network error” after establishing a connection to the talkback server.

The “procedure” outlined for reporting Chimera bugs, however, is too much of a hassle.

“… First, read the release notes. If it’s related to a specific site, check to see if the site works in other browsers… Look at the mailing list archives to see if anyone else has mentioned the problem. After that, you can start looking at bugs in Bugzilla–the development page has details.”

Fuck all that. Don’t make me do research just to tell you that Chimera tabs, while lovely, kinda’ suck from time to time. 1) Fix TalkBack, or 2) give me a web-based submission form.

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  1. Wimp. I spent the whole day emailing back and forth with the Apple developers over some obscure
    And that’s why I can’t wear pants.


    Methinks you misunderstand Talkback. It’s supposed to report things like crashes; unfortunately for enhancements (or as I call them, “pre-WONTFIX”) and stuff you have to slog through the usual channels.

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